Party – and shop – with a purpose

By Bonnie Caprara
BerkleyLive Editor

If there ever was an ultimate girls night out, it would involve shopping, wine and some light hors d’oeuvres – all in the same place. And knowing that part of what you spend, which will likely be more than you planned, will go to a worthwhile charity and make it all the more worthwhile, if not guilt-free.

But wait … Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and all of those holiday parties are coming up. The house needs some seasonal touches. The serving and dining tables need to look fantastic. And there are gifts to buy.

Sally Crosthwaite and Jeri Brand, owners of Tootie and Tallulah’s, have it covered with the first of several Parties with a Purpose planned this holiday season on Tuesday, Nov. 8, from 6-9 p.m.

“We started this in our first year of business last year and had about five groups,” Crosthwaite says. “We usually do it after hours, but we can schedule them during the day. The host sends out the invites, some people have wine or non-alcoholic drinks, and we provide the snacks and give a percentage of the sales to their charity.”

Crosthwaite adds that the store, which specializes in new and vintage and restored furniture, made-in-Michigan and fair trade gift items, funky yet functional serving pieces, and home décor accessories, can accommodate up to 75 guests.

Peggy Branch is hosting the first Party with a Purpose to benefit the Fragile X Association of Michigan. The organization provides support and information to people with family members with fragile X syndrome, the most common cause of inherited mental impairment that can range from learning disabilities to more severe cognitive or intellectual disabilities and is the most common known cause of autism or autistic-like behaviors. The organization serves several hundred families in Michigan.

“Every member does their part to help,” Branch says. “I’m not a salesperson, I don’t like asking people for money, but it’s a great excuse to get out, have fun, and check out the store if they haven’t had an excuse to get out there yet. It’s a fun pre-holiday event and we’ll have some information out there about fragile X.

Tootie and Tallulah’s donation from part of the party’s sales will go towards providing scholarships for fragile X families to attend the National Fragile X Association’s international conference, research, supporting local conferences, and hosting local support group meetings, which are held at the Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak campus.

To schedule a Party with a Purpose, call Tootie and Tallulah’s at 248-850-7637.

Tootie and Tallulah’s, 2816 Coolidge Hwy.; 248-850-7637

Author: Guy Williams

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  1. Thanks for the story Bonnie! Thanks to the owners and to Peggy Branch for hosting! This sounds like a lot of fun at a unique store. Great opportunity.

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