Lymph drainage massage has healing benefits for many ailments

By John Q. Horn
BerkleyLive Special Writer

There are lot of ways to care of yourself, from simple exercise and diet to other, more intricate preventive maintenance.

A Berkley business is going beyond skin deep with one type of its massages, a therapy practice designed to stimulate your lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and waste stored in your body, bringing you to a higher plane of invigoration.

For the last several years, Susan Lekander at Alpha Center for Holistic Health and Well-Being has been providing lymph drainage therapy,not only leading the charge on this healing agent that has been greeted with enthusiastic results, but drawing on powerful personal experience along the way.

The process is seemingly simple. It’s like a lot of massages except that the touch is considerably lighter and during the process, Lekander intently moves what the body allows from the lymphs to other parts of the body, where hopefully, it will eventually be secreted. That stuff has to exit your body somehow and excretion can take on any number of forms. And while this may all seem unsightly, the results can be significant.

“It is a really light application and is used to treat a lot of different ailments from sinus, headaches and tooth pain, to skin disorders, stress, fatigue and sleeping disorders,” Lekander says. “Most of the time, people come because they have heard about it. They want to experience it. Because it is such a light touch, they wonder if it can really do what it is supposed to do. The lymph is about moving toxins out of your body. That is what the lymph system does. After therapy, people will call and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I slept so good last night.’”

It’s about more than just sleeping like a baby, though. The process is designed to wake up and move the sludge inside of your lymphatic system and eventually get it out of your body.

Lekander has been in the wellness field for 17 years. Six years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. From there, she navigated a burly journey that would lead to a mastectomy and later breast reconstruction surgery. She had six different operations. Her body endured a ravaging and healing process that was seemingly endless. Lekander had a physical therapist friend working with lymph therapy. She was prompted to explore the practice.

“My liver was full of anesthetic and all sorts of pain medication, and I was just really tired all of the time,” she said. “For me, it was life-changing. I felt like I was 30 years younger.”

After that, Lekander pursued coursework in lymph drainage therapy and four years ago, became a certified practitioner.

Now, Lekander says she sees clients with an array of concerns. Their lymph glands may be swollen to due to illness, they may have headaches or are fatigued from stress, or perhaps they are recovering from something as invasive as surgery and need to invigorate some stagnation in their system.

Lekander isn’t alone at Alpha. She is part of a team that focuses on healing the entire person. Lekander specializes in energy work, Dr. Richard Larned is a longtime chiropractor, and massage therapists Rachel Deiss and Kathy Bateman also provide healing.

Alpha Center for Holistic Health and Well-Being, 2965 W. 12 Mile, 248-591-7585

Author: John Q. Horn

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